YouTube Video & Monetization Permission

We, Tinnitus Games, would be happy to see Let's Play videos, playthroughs and reviews recorded by you about our games. So we hereby grant permission to use and display the game content of Reperfection based upon audio and video recording and show it on YouTube or similar video sharing services of the full and demo version.

You are also allowed to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on similar sites.

Please add our website "www.tinnitus-games.de" to your video or video description.

Music Copyright

As there came up some Copyright questions regarding the Music of Reperfection, we can tell the following:

The songs of Reperfection created by us with Magix Music Maker, all used sound Snippets where bought by Tinnitus Games including commercial license from Catooh.
Therefore it is allowed to use these Snippets within songs, our games and videos made from our games.

Reperfection Volume 2

The story for the second episode of Reperfection is written and now we have to put it into a game. Unfortunately this is going to take much longer than we originally planned.

As we only can develop Reperfection in our spare time and the first episode took us nearly a whole fulltime year to finish, we ask for your patience and hope you still would like to play the sequel in the future.

Windows 8

We used Unity 3.5 as game engine to develop Reperfection. This version of Unity doesn't officially support Windows 8, so it could be you might experience some errors there. You might try out to us a compatibility mode to run Reperfection properly.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.