12.04.2014 - Reperfection made it into the Top 100 Greenlight Ranking!
Thank you so much for your support! Now with small steps to the Top 10. ;)
steamcommunity.com (EN)

03.04.2014 - Here's an awesome Playthrough by Shen:
youtube.com (EN)

14.02.2014 - Thanks to 100% Indie support we are now in the Samsung App Store!

12.02.2014 - Really nice Gameplay video by Sir Jaxxy:
youtube.com (EN)

03.02.2014 - New Android Version 1.3 is out!
New camera zoom option is now available for smaller displays.

02.02.2014 - Reperfection as Groupees Spotlight until Feb 5th! Pay what you like:

01.02.2014 - Long time no news
Tinnitus Games slept for a long while for several reasons. We are now trying to wake it up slowly and see what we can manage in our spare time to get Reperfection up-to-date and maybe start developing the 2nd Volume.

21.08.2013 - Interview by Adventure Corner at the GDC 2013:
adventurecorner.de (DE)

20.03.2013 - Here a detailed Spanish review at Nivel Oculto:
niveloculto.com (ES)

20.03.2013 - Excellent feature page about Reperfection at Adventure Point (4,5 of 5 Stars):
adventurepoint.co.uk (EN)

26.02.2013 - Nachgebloggt.de hat eine super Review geschrieben (92%):
nachgebloggt.de (DE)

04.02.2013 - New Android Version 1.2 is out!
Time Travel Bug correction and graphics improvement.

22.01.2013 - Great review at The Indie Developer:
www.theindiedeveloper.com (EN)

18.01.2013 - New Android Version 1.1 is out!
Including Hotspot display and extended options menu.

02.01.2013 - Russian review blog from Kirill about Reperfection at Games.Mail.Ru:
www.mail.ru (RU)

02.01.2013 - Tinnitus Games Reveals Possibilities for Reperfection:
www.gamercheese.com (EN)

22.12.2012 - Review zu Reperfection von AdventureCorner (78%):
www.adventurecorner.de (DE)

17.12.2012 - Reperfection review at Just Adventure! (Grade B+):
www.justadventure.com (EN)

13.12.2012 - Here the review from GameBoomers (Grade B):
www.gameboomers.com (EN)

10.12.2012 - Reperfection tested with the Horror Games Week 2012 at FutureSack (7/10):
www.futuresack.com (EN)

10.12.2012 - Hier ein Test von Uwes Adventureforum:
www.uwes-adventureforum.de (DE)

04.12.2012 - Hier ein Kurztest von Gamers Global (7/10):
www.gamersglobal.de (DE)

27.11.2012 - Adventure Corner hat sich Reperfection angesehen und einen gro├čartigen Preview-Artikel geschrieben:
www.adventurecorner.de (DE)

24.11.2012 - Die erste Review ist da - www.gamepad.de war so freundlich und hat sich Reperfection mal angesehen:
www.gamepad.de (DE)

19.10.2012 - A great interview with our author Anne von Vaszary at AdventureGamers:
www.adventuregamers.com (EN)

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