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We are Oliver Specht and Michael Holzapfel from Hannover, Germany. We have been working at Cranberry Production and successfully developed adventure games.
We are working together with the great writer Anne von Vaszary, who wrote most of the story for Black Mirror II and III. In December 2012 we realized our very own indie project Reperfection.
As fate (and sales) didn't go well enough in early 2013, we both started working on different projects at the great company InnoGames, managing Tinnitus Games only in our spare time.
Nevertheless, our indie project goes on and we'll see what 2014 brings.

What is Reperfection?
REPERFECTION is a new indie adventure with the style of an art noir interactive graphic novel having several self-contained episodes.
You unlock new panels and pages of the comic by solving different puzzles. By doing so you influence the events in the past and change the future reality, finding out more and more of the exciting storyline. And thanks to Anne we devised something really interesting. ;-)
The background graphics are drawn with many details by Oliver. The comic is kept in black and white using color as focus on important objects.

The first episode of REPERFECTION is out now! It would be great if you support us on Steam Greenlight and IndieDB, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and share our page to your friends! :-)



"Reperfection looks really interesting. Unashamedly using comic book grammer to great effect, the game is gritty, with a thought provoking story. I really look forward to being able to play the game." -Charles Cecil

"A decidedly fresh concept that paves the way for intriguing possibilities. Reperfection is off to a promising start!" -Agustín Cordes



Tinnitus Games Holzapfel & Specht GbR
30449 Hannover

Mail: mail [at] tinnitus-games.de

Art Direction
Oliver Specht
E-Mail: oliver [at] tinnitus-games.de

Management, Music & Game Design
Michael Holzapfel
E-Mail: micha [at] tinnitus-games.de

Story & Text Development
Anne von Vaszary
E-Mail: annemay [at] gmx.de